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My SO signed up for a vacation club several years ago. She requested a cancellation back in 2015 and was told by a representative this would be taken care of (this is confirmable via emails). Apparently the agent was supposed to submit a ticket for legal docs to be drafted and sent to my SO to sign and officially close the account. The ticket was never created, and thus the docs were never signed. She didn’t hear from them again until December of 2018 where they had racked up thousands of “late fees” along with renewal charges for the past 3 years. We have gone back and forth with them several times explaining that we will not be paying the late fees bc someone on their end dropped the ball. They have told us they are looking into wiping the late fees and just having us pay the renewals, but nothing is being done and we keep getting contacted to pay the whole thing, only to explain the situation all over again and start from scratch. They refuse to respond to our emails and will only talk over the phone and demand money. Her credit score hasn’t been affected yet. Where do we go from here ?