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You read current boyfriend. I read current boyfriend.

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What if he is Tom Hanks trying to stay anonymous answering to two AMA requests at the same time?</conspiracy keanu>

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Verification System

  • You must provide proof of your identity in the body of your post when you submit your AMA
  • If your identity is absolutely confidential, you may message proof to the mods
  • If your post is suspected fake and you do not verify proof, it may be subject to removal

This you can find on the top right of this window. Can we perhaps have a link for something like this if OP is unaware/forgot proof/ignores it?

Perhaps also incl. tips on how to provide proof, e.g. provide documentation with your ID-card, picture and your reddit name for the mods. If no official documentation is available, provide other less formal types of documentation.

I hope we can filter out suspicious AMAs a lot more effectively this way. Some of them are interesting and it would be a shame to lose some simply because OP didn't provide proof even though he/she could.