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Several questions:

(1) A relative just told me the plug-in + battery-operated CO2 detector I have isn't good enough & that I should buy some several hundred-dollar thing that "actually samples the air." True?

(2) Is there a typical firefighter personality?

(3) In your opinion, are all the firefighters you know physically and mentally able to do the job?

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Thanks for coming!

(1) The Kensington Runestone: what say ye?

(2) Which novels Get The Vikings Right? (I'm a fan of Harry Harrison's novels starting with "The Hammer and the Cross"; also Stephen Lawhead's "Byzantium.")

(3) What would the Vikings think of the modern-day Scandinavians?

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Thank you!

What are some of the things that would appall them? (Don't worry about being PC; I have been scarred forever by accounts of heimnars and the blood eagle.)

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I'm so sorry you have to do deal with this!

It sounds like you stay really positive. How do you manage that?