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How many people are realistically needed to ‘tail’ someone?

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What do you reckon TV gets right but really wrong about organ transplants?

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So essentially, you’re alive! However now you have to endure this regime. I’ve read that the drugs about rejection are many, but getting better, and quality of life has improved dramatically. But still, you don’t walk away at the end of the episode. That’s when the hard work starts. If only we could all be The Fonz.

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Were you nervous meeting your donor? I’ve always thought about, yeah thanks but I really don’t like you or your politics. But thanks for your organ. Do you feel obliged? What a strange world.

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Thanks for your story. So you saw the little girl who was your donor? I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand. In regards to your first donor, I’m sure there were many other people who benefited besides yourself. I’m a big believer in organ donation so please understand my curiosity.