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Hi Robby, thanks for doing this!

One thing I like about your playing with The Doors is that you don’t sound like a typical rock guitarist; you seem to draw more from classical and jazz influences. Was it a deliberate choice to play in this style, or did it develop naturally?

Also, what do you hope your legacy is among the musicians of today (both the band’s and your own)?

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A few questions, if I may:

  1. Do you think the referendum should have happened? If so, should it have been conducted differently?

  2. I’ve heard people argue that we should have first negotiated a deal and then held a referendum on those terms, but of course we couldn’t start negotiating until we’d triggered the withdrawal process. Even if it had been technically possible, do you think this would have been a viable option / accepted by the EU?

  3. A friend of mine claimed before the referendum that “if Brexit doesn’t work, we can always just rejoin the EU later”. Do you think the political climate of the UK, not to mention the EU themselves, would ever allow this to happen? If we were to rejoin, how would it differ from our previous membership?