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Regardless of the other comments you receive which will be opinions about which one is important, what you really should care about as a student in terms of formatting is to be consistent, clear and readable. As you transition from being a student to the workforce is that you're going to start working with teams, ongoing projects, and (shutter!) technical debt. It's so important to learn to write clean, readable code that your teammates will be able to efficiently code review, bug fix, and continue working on. Most languages have best practices when it comes to formatting - look it up, read it, and follow it consistently. And whatever you do, as you start working with a team, make sure you follow the same practices as the rest of the team.

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I had a look at that file, glad you’re starting to do docs! Great job! As a word of advise, though those comments are fun, I would suggest making them very boring and to the point. Doing documentation is time consuming, and if you make it take more effort (such as by requiring witty intros and fun language) people are less likely to use it. Additionally, it's going to be difficult for future non-English-first-language users to understand. Just keep comments direct and easy to understand.