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Has /u/thisisbillgates donated to your cause yet?

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Hi Elliot, thank you for making time for us today. I have so many questions but i'll start slow.

What are some misconceptions about North Korea that you would like to clear up?

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What is the scene that took the longest to film because no one could keep it together?

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Thank you for your answer. I appreciate the time this must have taken along with the rest of the AMA's

This subject fascinates me so if you have time...

Your pictures are beautiful and admittedly you were unable to photograph a large portion of the country which might show a more complete picture, are you concerned this might misrepresent the country you visited?

With the hunger and starvation did you feel guilty that copious amounts of food were placed in front of you?

Are you concerned you pictures and trip report might be used as propaganda?

What are your takes on the human rights violations of the country you just visited?

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Hi Peter! What's the most common misconception about Wildlife Rescue?