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Gov Johnson, I completely agree.

Something that you should consider, and seriously so, is that by the next election cycle, there will exist many newly minted libertarian Bitcoin multi-millionaires. If you begin engaging them today, your efforts will pay innumerable dividends in the future.

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Glad you're healthy again, amigo. Here's a little something to celebrate. $2 /u/changetip?

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I completely agree, Peter. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts latch onto the idea that Bitcoin provides a superior payment system. But in reality, a decentralized ledger is very inefficient. However, it's the price that must be paid unless Proof of Work can be supplanted as the guardian of ledger fidelity.

As a currency, it is much more exciting in my opinion, which is admittedly the minority vote. Payments are going to get better, faster, more convenient, and more secure as a matter of course. What is most substantial, and frequently overlooked, is what constitutes the blood which pumps through the system. Is it healthy, robust, and trustworthy? Or is it somehow infected; anemic?

That Bitcoin can be transacted at all will probably be enough. In the future, it can act as a backbone, a settlement structure which only need be employed infrequently. Trusted 3rd parties can maintain their own internal ledgers of credit and debit for their customers at near-zero cost, whilst undergoing what is a magnificent process that Bitcoin exchanges have adopted today, even though it remains overlooked by the general populace: "proof of reserves," whereby institutions digitally sign the wallets they control, proving that they are operating on 100% reserves.

Hopefully, this type of transparency will be the gold standard in the financial industry of tomorrow.