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Yeah, but it wouldn’t be your little buddy.

It would be a stranger with the same DNA.

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Humans have an interesting response to cold - Ask anyone who has almost frozen to death and they’ll say that they felt warm and comfortable and drowsy.

Human bodies found frozen don’t usually show signs of pain or discomfort at all.

Is this reaction - feeling warm, comfortable, and sleepy - a purely human reaction?

Edit: Thanks for all the answers!

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Is it possible that the OP knows that this is how the system is supposed to work, but has found that it doesn’t actually work that way in practice?

Maybe diversion is being used incorrectly to make sure that the [a “undesirable” subgroup like race or financial status or something] people don’t go to the good hospitals.

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There’s an example of that in Florida a few years back - to save money, they decided to make some benefits contingent on passing a drug test. In the end, they realized that the drug testing program cost more than they had denied in benefits - meaning that they would have spent less overall by just giving the money out.