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Humans have an interesting response to cold - Ask anyone who has almost frozen to death and they’ll say that they felt warm and comfortable and drowsy.

Human bodies found frozen don’t usually show signs of pain or discomfort at all.

Is this reaction - feeling warm, comfortable, and sleepy - a purely human reaction?

Edit: Thanks for all the answers!

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Is it possible that the OP knows that this is how the system is supposed to work, but has found that it doesn’t actually work that way in practice?

Maybe diversion is being used incorrectly to make sure that the [a “undesirable” subgroup like race or financial status or something] people don’t go to the good hospitals.

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You should probably consult with a lawyer sooner rather than later.

You’ve either already broken the NDA, or you’re going to need to break that NDA legally somehow in order to testify.

I’d recommend having your lawyer talk to the investigators. Let them know you have information but you’re under an NDA. If they want to, they can just compel your testimony (via subpoena). You can’t be held liable for breaking an NDA if a court orders you to do so.

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The very wealthy.

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Let's start with what should be obvious: That's an incredibly rude and sexist classification, and the women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages who go to renaissance faires are real people and not just objects to be classified by /u/friedjumboshrimp.

Best food? If you're going to PARF (please don't), I'm a big fan of the crab dip.