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AIDS I heard

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I just got a contract extension for my current job which I should be excited about and on one hand I am because it supports me very well financially and I have health insurance through this work, even while on a contract. On the other hand it has increased my anxiety even more as I feel like I’m almost certain to get infected at some point likely when everybody else is, which would be the worst case since hospitals will be so overwhelmed. I’m wanting to look for work that I can do remotely and looking into taking classes, I was looking for a career change even before the coronavirus stuff but never got serious about it. Is it selfish of me to want out of a work site supply chain “essential” work for my own well being? I understand millions are on this position of going in to work but then I also feel that many are not taking this threat as seriously as I am, or maybe I am just overreacting. I value my health more than my work or money and if I get infected and I’m going in to work I will feel like I didn’t do enough to minimize my risk. (I’m not in an at-risk category but still very nervous about it) What are some ways I can manage my stress and anxiety? I’m looking for some good meditation/relaxation resources also