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What do you think the penalties would have been for you if you were non-white (specifically African-American or Hispanic) and had no college education? (I am assuming you went to college, but still interesting if you didn't, as I suppose that would be one less confounder to consider.)

I'm not looking to put you in an awkward spot, or try to make out you should be doing time and "it's not fair you're free" kind of thing. Quite the opposite – the way the authorities have handled the situation by recruiting you to help, possibly spurred on by your own conscience as well, has created a better outcome than throwing you in jail immediately. Do you think you would have been given that same option, though, if you were from another socioeconomic demographic?

I'm interested in your opinion given you came face-to-face with the law from the wrong side (arrested, interrogated, etc.) and so you have inside knowledge of the process. You may, of course, have no opinion on it at all. That's fine, there's a lot of "what ifs" inherent in my question.

Edit: I see from an earlier comment you did go to college.