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During psychotic episodes I have seen sinister people in my house, I have seen a bloody torso and severed leg, and I have had roaches crawling on me. i have heard voices of aliens and read the thoughts of other people. Sounds a lot like your experience. I'm glad you recovered.

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You mention "intensive care psychosis." What is that? What was your experience with it? I have schizophrenia so I wonder if your psychosis was like mine.

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Thank you. I am on meds now and doing well.

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Invega daily, thorazine as needed, prozac, and ativan as needed.

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I was born with undetected gastroschisis and was left with a hernia bump, a scar from the bump to my "belly button," and a star shaped scar from the feeding tube. Mom offered to look at cosmetic surgery when I was 18 (1995) but I always figured there wasn't much that could be done. How advanced is such cosmetic surgery in 2021? I'm too old to act, but I'm curious. Thanks.