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centpourcentuno31 karma

How do you feel about USA Today endorsing Biden?

In this age of everyone suspecting fake news and media bias.. don't you think this makes it even worse?

centpourcentuno12 karma

I know! I get opinionated outlets like NYT... but USA Today has always been kinda like the PBS of print media.

I just can't comprehend how the editors didn't see the obvious implication of their endorsement.

centpourcentuno1 karma

You just proved my point even if you don't realize it. You can't claim to be unbiased when you create the bias insinuation by endorsing a candidate.

If you are a conservative on the edge.. what's to stop you from questioning an anti Trump article from a self proclaimed Biden rag?

centpourcentuno0 karma

" I also wonder whether they can make conservative voters more suspicious of the media"

Oh so basically it's "Trump voters" have their minds already made up so we might as well throw the cloak off.

Got it! This sheer arrogance and yall wonder why Trump might even win.