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So they are terrorists? I mean at least that's how I understand the concept of terrorism. In terrorism you attack meaningful (to your enemy) targets that are otherwise innocent bystanders in order to force action that would otherwise be impossible for you to obtain (Usually because it's unreasonable). They don't care about those they are hurting only about eliciting a desired response from there advisories by using their empathy for the suffering of innocent bystanders against them. Is there really anything lower than using someones empathy for the suffering of others as a weapon against them?

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I live in a rural community (Southern VA) with no access to broadband at all (Other than 4g which is spotty). I have been thinking on and off for a long time about starting a WISP like yours but really don't know where to start. I am a IT Systems Engineer with loads of networking experience (Although more an applications system engineer now than anything to do with the network itself). If you do decide that you would like to figure out how to expand or are willing to work with someone to help start a new project other places I would be VERY interested. Thanks...

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Forget statistics. The odds of you being hit by lightning are zero, until you are stuck by lightning then it's 100%. Odds don't actually tell you what will happen to you unless you let them. If you want a degree you can make that happen, statistics are not the barrier you need to worry about you are.

Good luck my friend. I have 3 adopted children and one Foster child and every time I think about the thousands of others that I couldn't do anything for my heart breaks a little. Know that if nothing else I am out here rooting for you.

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Fair enough. I think I have a larger number of potential users than you do in a smaller area but it's mostly low hills (Brunswick VA). There are a large number of commercial antenna sites around however used for cell services. As well as a lot of fiber runs in the area (There is a spot local that is part of a VA business highspeed internet project). If you are still interested in talking about it I would love to PM you and perhaps we can talk about more specifics.

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are you named after the plastic explosive?