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What do you think the future of NBN plan pricing is, especially in the 50 and 100mbps tiers?

These tiers will become more and more popular as bandwidth needs increase. Do you think 50 and 100mbps plans will see a general reduction in price over the next few years, or do you think NBN is going to generally keep wholesale prices the same?

There was a big influx in users moving to 50mbps plans when they were discounted recently, and I'm wondering whether the same could happen with 100mbps soon.

P.S - Thank you for allowing John to provide CVC support via whirlpool. We had severe congestion on the Caboolture POI a week or two ago, and within less than 2 hours John saw my post in the CVC thread and bumped it up. Very, very impressive, especially for a Friday night. Support like that is why we're with ABB.

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Because instead of rolling out FTTP at the same time as you guys, our government decided that VDSL and Cable will be fine for the future because "nobody needs more than 25mbps" according to our government.

It'll be real interesting if VDSL areas (fibre to the node/cabinet) start crying out for upgrades in the next 5 years as 4k/8k/VR/360 content become more and more common. It'll be even more interesting if those people still vote for the same government that put them in that situation.

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It's been developed. It's literally in NBN's design documents, with an exact schematic on how the splitter should be installed and how to re-attach the DPU to the splitter.

NBN just won't release the option to upgrade.

Here's a screenshot of the design document outlining the upgrade: https://i.imgur.com/FbkiaAv.png

SMP is a passive fibre splitter (splits the incoming fibre into 4 ports) and SSS is the incoming fibre cable.

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Most providers have month to month plans with no upfront fees... why not just sign up for 50mbps for a month and then go up to 100mbps if you think 50 is too slow?

Can't speak for other providers but with Aussie I can literally go to the account page on the website and change my speed tier right now, or schedule it to happen automatically next billing cycle.

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Do you think FTTC users (in this first iteration, without g.fast or other copper acceleration technology) will ever have access to 150mbps plans, considering it should be theoretically possible due to the short lengths of copper between the home and the street?

NBN seems to be keen on keeping MTM technologies such as FTTC, FTTB and HFC limited to 100mbps, even though all 3 technologies are more than capable of hitting 150mbps or higher.