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Even though you seem to think the whole experiment was sort of wasted, I would highly disagree. I think you proved to me and a lot of others that the Internet doesn't facilitate our problems... We do. So after all the times I've wondered if I would be better off giving up the Internet or things similar, I now believe the only way to solve those problems is just to pony up and spend my time more responsibly and make an effort to reach out to others without passing off my problems from an intangible thing. It's actually quite an invaluable lesson to learn. Thank you.

So my question is have you found yourself wondering if this was all a mistake for you? Or maybe you just feel the same way you did before you left about wishing you were doing something else for a living? I would hate that because you're my favorite writer on The Verge, but I also think you seem very stressed being back and I'm not sure it all has to do with your return to "The Web".

PS--You need to try the app Curiosity. It's pretty addictive.

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Ask Bill Nye!