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What can a person do when the police don't "believe" their assault actually happened, or even take the side of their abuser? What can someone do when their evidence (photographs, eyewitness) have been dertroyed or manipulated by the abuser? How can they get their case taken seriously if this happens?

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And what happens if you do call the police to your home and they remove/arrest the abuser? Do they immediately offer protection, assistance, other housing to the victim? Or are they just left alone to figure it all out?

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Thank you for your time and good work. Here, it seems as if offenders are released repeatedly with no tracking until the victim is killed.

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Thank you for this response. I hope someone who needs it will see. I am no longer in a space where I need this, but I wish I had the internet back then. With these resources, I might've found safety before I was beaten raped and robbed by someone I loved. He was never prosecuted and owns a case of guns now. I don't open my door to anyone anymore, even police.

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Nice. Unfortunately unsurprising. Ugh.