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What are your thoughts on the level of advertising in mobile games or free to play games?

Is advertising essential to cover costs for the developer? Is free to play a fad (do you see it ending soon) or is it a viable method for developers to share their games?

On YouTube/Twitch people upload videos of them playing games and get subscribers and monetary donations. Do the game developers recoup any of these monies for their game? Does seeing games on Twitch/YouTube translate into more game sales?

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I am a frontline healthcare worker. I think that the world could have done a better job tracking infection earlier in the pandemic, before this was a pandemic, but there were/are massive privacy and civil liberty issues that go along with this.

Historically tracing happened, most famously, with John Snow. There were no privacy or civil liberty issues then but he collected less invasive information and it was a different social period.

In your team’s opinion, what is a good balance for these apps between protecting the health of larger communities and individual choice?

People that really want to circumvent tracking apps can delete them/restore phone or not take their phone with them. Would less invasive data collection be received better when some people refuse to get routine vaccinations and don’t trust the ‘system’/‘man’?

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  1. What are you studying at university?

  2. What factors contributed to helping you decide that you liked/wanted to do more than play an instrument (band vs. marching band)?