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Hey Trevor! I'm a digital news producer in a 130s DMA. What would your advice be for moving into a larger market?

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I'm hoping this doesn't get buried.

Your situation and mine are really similar. Seven years ago, I went to my cardiologist just before my 18th birthday for a check-up, and he found my aortic valve failing and a massive aortic aneurysm growing in my ascending region. I had the surgery a month or so later and had the valve and root replaced, BUT I ended up having complications (blood pressure issues, cardiac tamponade, an induced coma) that led to me staying in the hospital for a couple months.

My question is, after all that's happened, where is your emotional state? Do you feel any new sense of priorities or focus, or is life pretty much continuing as usual?

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Phew, as someone who's had a few chest crack surgeries, I called my spirometer "The Hell Machine" during my recovery. That shit HURTS when your ribs and sternum have been broken!

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This is great advice! Give him small goals to achieve and give him endless praise when he achieves them. Goal setting kept me sane too.

Also, do you remember sneezing or laughing those first few weeks? Laughing and crying at the same time while hugging a pillow to my chest is an experience I'll never forget.

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I remember that feeling well. Once you get back in the groove, the "otherness" feeling SHOULD fade pretty quickly. I'm glad your surgery was successful, and I wish you a very speedy and safe recovery. Happy trails and therapeutic INRs to you!