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What was it that made you realize you had entered a "concentration camp?" Were the differences between the organization as it operated in the US vs. Guyana so stark that they shocked you 'awake'? How many others in Guyana do you think had come to the same realization?

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I once worked as a contractor in the Pentagon, and the office/division I worked in was staffed with O-6s, O-5s, and O-4s. At first I didn't think much of it -- they were just colleagues and/or bosses to me. But then I realized that this level of officer would be running an aircraft carrier, submarine, AF base, etc. in the real world. Kind of crazy.

How often do you run into that level on board, and do you get nervous interacting with an O-5 or O-6?

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I'm curious -- what were you expecting? Also, my apologies for not remembering how it all went down, but what happened to the armed guards?

(Thanks for doing this; very interesting).

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Random question -- Do you have any pets on board?