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So what are some notable changes that you would suggest to the TSA? like hiring changes? hiring standards? better training? fewer pointless procedures?

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But would you put chewed gum into your pockets?

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Used gum? How was it used?

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Can you explain to me the motivation behind budget cuts to programs like NIH and NSF? Don't technological progress and research into basic science drive innovation and lay the foundation for developing next-generation therapies for improving people's lives so much more?

I understand that there are bloated programs and studies that aren't well conducted but it is often the case that putting science at the mercy of money results in bad science.

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Sorry if this question has been asked already or you've already talked about it elsewhere but do you have any suggestions on how to get people to think collectively and recognize our shared interests of survival and development as a species (i.e. how do you get people from different nations/cultures to work together in solving problem and not say things like "oh thats an Indian problem or an American problem, so why should we get involved)? Of course, it would be better to not have an impending crisis looming over our heads (like an alien invasion or asteroid drop) What do you think about the feasibility of your suggestions? Good? Bad? Too much disruption to the current power structures? Etc. Thanks you for reading.