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Hi Sam! Love your work.

Do you approach preparing for comedic roles differently than preparing for dramatic roles?

I realize that every role probably has shades of both - so is it more about the character and less about genre?

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Interesting. Thank you for the response. I can’t help but think that some of my law school classmates with $150,000+ in student loans might actually be worse off financially than they were before they went to law school… even though they graduated and passed the bar.

Some of the more idealistic ones, I’m sorry to say, make shit money in practice because they wanted to be a civil rights attorney and change the world. Unfortunately, they’ll likely spend the next few decades getting out from under their massive student loan debt. It’s really sad.

I’m lucky enough that my mom could afford to pay for my tuition. Tbh, I likely would not have even considered going to law school if that weren’t the case. In my opinion, we really need to change the way higher education works in the US. It’s getting to the point where it’s really only possible to become a debt-free doctor or lawyer if your family has generational wealth, or if you work hard enough to get some serious scholarships. Seeing some of my friends struggle with this has been eye-opening and depressing.

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Would you suggest that more folks in the applicable states do this? Especially considering the cost of law school / student loans?