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What's your thoughts on insurance in this country being a mostly disease based, deal with it as it comes system, as apposed to an actual "health care" system?

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People who are saying racing, of any capacity, isn't too expensive are completely dillusional. It is absolutely the most expensive hobby you can find for multiple reasons. I've been racing cars and motorcycles for 15 years, and it is not cheap for a variety of reasons. Time is the biggest one. Taking time to get to the track and back, as well as consuming an entire weekend usually. Travel cost, even if you camp out, add up. Fuel to get to and from the event. Wear and tear both on the vehicle you drive at the event and the vehicle you use to get there. The smartest thing to do is trailer a car/bike/whatever to the event because what if you crash? Accidents happen. You need a large disposable income, or just no other hobbies or interest because your money is going to go to that.

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I scrolled through a bunch and can't seem to find the answer so I'll ask! Did they ever figure out what exactly was causing you to have all these cardiac episodes? It seems like they did pretty much everything under the sun to fix it. Re did the electrical, bypassed electrical, plumbing, and pretty much everything else. Is there an almost guarantee that these types of episodes won't be coming back? Did you basically just have a crappy engine from the factory and it was decided a new engine was the only way to fix it?

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That's awesome to hear! I'm glad you got a dope new engine. Treat her well!