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I'm sure you've been a UFO to someone, though!

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<holds stereo above head>

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Bombs Tokyo

Does dishes after

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How does a coach like Scotty do that? I mean, half the team from that year were first-ballot HOF'ers. Wait. Maybe I answered my own question.

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Can I ask a potentially indelicate question? I don't mean this to be rude AT ALL, but I have been wondering: With all the technology, the amazing climbing gear these days (it's so light, so warm nowadays, etc.), Gore-Tex, just unreal jackets, etc., what's the real challenge in climbing Everest? It's become a pretty "mechanized" ascent these days, basically. I realize it's still dangerous, but, honestly, if you want a climbing challenge, why not climb K2 instead? Or something else, somewhere? Seriously. I met someone who climbed Everest and I thought to myself, "Maybe if this was 1968, I'd be impressed." Seriously, what's the challenge?

I seriously apologize up front, and hope you can share your thoughts.