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1.) How much experience does one generally have to have before qualifying to be Chief of a department as you are?

2.) As the Chief, do you tend to stand back and issue directions and offer information to other less experienced doctors more, or are you usually right in there?

3.) What is going through your mind when you see what you see from day to day? Is it clinical detachment from the gore, or do you still find yourself cringing internally when you see a terrible injury, or somewhere in between?

4.) Do you ever cry when you can't save someone?

I find people with your type of intellectual capacity fascinating, and I admire the work that you do. Thank you!

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Did the guys who beat up your friend face any charges? Like assault?

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Calperniaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I love you, woman!

It's so strange . . . I remember when Barry was murdered, but I didn't know it was you who survived all of that until I watched the movie for the first time recently, and looked further into the story to find out what happened to his girlfriend. I was amazed to find that she is the creator of one of my favorite Youtube channels, that I'd been watching pretty much ever since she started posting them.

Mama, you are titanium strong, and I admire you so much. No question--just wanted to say that, and to hope that you can one day recapture the sweet and tender love that was yours for a while all those years ago.

Rest in Peace, Barry.

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That's good to hear! Hope everything continues to go well for y'all.

pssst whispers Miss fiance . . . if you're ever in a bind, try a vibrator to the perineum! Or, you know . . . "up in thar", if he'll let you! I've heard that moves things along when necessary!

If that was offensive, just pretend I didn't say it. :-)

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You mean the lifestyle of a showgirl? The lifestyle of an IT professional? Which lifestyle were you talking about? Because being trans is not a "lifestyle". Being transgender, born in the wrong body, is a medical condition the most successful treatment for which is surgery and hormone replacement.

While you're patting yourself on the back for supporting the cessation of violence committed against people just for existing, maybe you should think about how your words, your epithets, and your judgements actually endorse it.