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Are there any studies in which cannabis use can have benefits? I started smoking at age 25, but have bipolar symptoms since adolescence (and suicidal thoughts since childhood. I was officially diagnosed as BD 2 at age 27). I feel like it helps me with my anxiety and I don't really have bad side effects. Is it common?

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Thanks for the thorough answer!

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Can mood stabilizers produce an effect of "disconnection" with reality?

I'm asking for personal reasons. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2 (had hypomania episodes, but not mania nor psychosis. I did have a mixed episode with paranoia couple years ago). I take 25mg quetiapine as a sleep aid and 150mg lamotrigine. I also use weed for mild anxiety (I think it helps with my mood too). I don't have symptoms anymore and my doctor says I'm "in remission".

However, after taking the meds for just over a year I have now this feeling that I can't connect to anything anymore. I don't have "feelings", I feel like I'm incapable of love. I just live in the present and can't really relate to the past or make plans for the future. I'm on therapy currently (psychoanalysis) and trying to figure this out. But I'm wondering if it could be a side effect of the meds, or if it's a psychological thing.

Thanks in advance!