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I would like to expand on this question, if I may. The combination of TESS and JWST appears like we may be ushering in a new age of exploration. Will we, with that combination, be able to directly observe exoplanets?

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It is my understanding that after a week of radio signal monitoring by SETI there is a lack of radio signals. Are civilization hunters taking into account that radio signal emission may just be relevant to start up civilizations like our own, and more advanced civilizations may have found a better way to communicate that we cannot yet detect?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but 11,000 years ago the British Isles was still connected to the mainland via Doggerland and there was a big freeze. Is it likely these hunter gatherers were nomads, or would they have sheltered in place? Additionally, have there been any human remains discovered from the site from which DNA might be extracted to trace their lineage?