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The ones you did on social security and the more government related ones really kicked my ass (were great!) and indicated me that you were indeed interested in and able to convey topics outside of math and science in an engaging manner. Good on ya in a huge way mate!!!

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wow that is totally facinating, musicician as well as gamer person here... . ... so do you ever end up with situations where the game itself is resolving chord progressions or making harmonic functional type changes where you compose something that has a series of chords but they end on what is to be a transition to another section that the gameplay or some kind of randomness might chose where the progression goes next? (so for example like the game itself would chose whether you end up with a cadence or go to another chord which might resolve to something else etc? ) Or is this more of "one theme" and then the game action will trade for "another theme..." but the functions are more or less contained? (and if the answer is NO? Wouldnt it be so cool to for a composer to be involved with game developers to design a game that way!? eg the player would be literally working to resolve tension in the music !)

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Without doing more research I think both of those crimes involve threats of violence not threats of legal and financial crippling etc... And in the case of racketeering, conspiracy, which is just a group of people playing to commit a crime essentially

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This is so sad to hear. You gave her a wonderful and cozy life (based on a blog post somewhere where there was a gallery of pics of you and your (girlfriend?) hugging her and cohabitating with her lovingly. I think all good pet owners would have done what you did, if you don't mind me saying so. Now, that being said, she has left an indelible mark in my life (not being sarcastic here) since the moment she flopped and I LOLed. I immediately sent it to my brother (also an animal lover and former snake owner) and said that this is my new favorite vid. (which I'm sure alot of people did). Julius was awesome and you are too.

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Feel like filling us in on the production itself? Drum machines/Sampler's/synths or otherwise used? Effects? Sequencers? As you may guess Im a producer so this is pretty much interesting to me so it might not be to others but I would love to know. I love so much music but for me I know you guys from an era that is near and dear to me and I love learning about the gear from them... and then that leads to the question what do you guys like to use now to make music? I ask all these questions politely, thanks for answering in advance!