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Correct - you should enroll in Medicaid. You can submit an eligibility application on healthsherpa.com and we pass that onto your state's Medicaid Program. When you start working again, if your job does not offer you coverage, you should report that income change to your state Medicaid office. Here's a handy guide with info here: https://www.healthsherpa.com/blog/qualify-for-medicaid/

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The California deadline is January 15th and a handful of other state based marketplaces have varying deadlines. But in 39 states the deadline is December 15th which is why we're doing the big push to get those folks in by this Saturday. https://www.healthsherpa.com/blog/your-quick-guide-to-the-2019-open-enrollment-period/

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You'd have to report this change to your state Medicaid office immediately. Based on what that new income is, it may impact your eligibility for Medicaid. You can always run a quick quote on HealthSherpa.com to see how income impacts your overall eligibility (Medicaid or Marketplace with subsidies). The key is reporting this immediately 😉!

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Sorry to hear that! What state are you in?

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👋🏽We have two locations (SF and Sacramento) plus a few remote folks in Michigan! We are always happy to hear from folks interested in joining our mission-driven team. You can send your information to [email protected].