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The wolves from Game of Thrones were my favorite part of the books, I'm happy to see them portrayed so well in the show. Two questions for you:

  • How often do the directors consult with your knowledge of wolf behavior, to help produce more realistic representations?

  • Does Quigley give autographs?

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This is what always impressed me! There was one night a group of girls kept requesting Dashboard Confessional songs, it was a slow night so one of the performers spent his break learning one. When he came back the girls were super stoked for those three minutes in between buckets of Budweiser.

I made some requests like "Anything by Butch Walker, or Buddy Holy." A chance at glory, and if not glory then something I'm still delighted to hear. A few times our group was turned down, but not because the artist didn't know the song. Once was "Devil Went Down to Georgia," because they refused to attempt it without their violinist, and the other was "Who the Fuck is Alice?" Because the eight of us left in the AM weren't enough for proper crowd interaction.

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Flint's issue is that they have to replace so much plumbing. Going home by home to dig up and replace pipes is a really long process. Compare that to PR, where there's minimal digging required and preexisting lines are still usable, not the cause of the problem.

For Boston, we regularly have blizzards that knock out power for some individuals for a week. We would have access to more support because we're part of the mainland, but the level of catastrophe could be so much worse. Greater Boston has over a million more people than all of Puerto Rico in about a tenth of the area.