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Upon launch we were told we were going to be getting monthly DLC of cars and tracks but it has yet to arrive yet. When do you expect it to come out?

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Will GT Series ever get the option for a full Livery Creator?

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Are you seriously thinking of keeping the standards cars in GT7 on PS4? Seriously ?!

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I do not play online much. for me, the biggest draw of a GT game is the endurance racing where i can pick one car and drive it over the course of 4-6-10 hrs etc and learn all the nuances of the car. Are we going to get proper endurance racing in GT6 at all? with or without B-spec??

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Hi Kaz,

Will racing wheels currently supported in GT6 on PS3 still work in future GT titles on PS4 (Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster)?