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I love the show but my girlfriend hates you for some reason. Should I leave her?

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If you could tell twenty year old Hank Azaria ONE thing, what would it be?

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Hey, Tommy! First thanks for all the years of great comedy and activism and well just being you. My questions are 1. How is your health, you doin alright? and 2. I understand you met Hendrix and you guys partied after a gig.. What was THAT party like?

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Love you in Curb and everything else but especially Curb! You have gotten to know some of the big guns in the comedy writing world (Larry David and Conan) what have you learned from them?

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I just love that some chick is spelling out all of Arties "Uh...." pauses verbatim before he answers. Lol. I can hear it in my head.