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You know, the Onion could have just made that letter up and we'd never know.

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To put this in perspective: Just recently my husband was able to get our copy of Sim City 2000 working on a Windows 98 Virtual Machine. We can still play that game, and enjoy it quite a bit.

In contrast, there is no guarantee that players will be able to play this new Sim City game consistently from day to day (much less 18 years after the release) due to the online requirements. Who wants to rely on someone else's servers to play a game that you purchased at full price? Is money not a good enough incentive to give the customers what they want?

I cannot throw my money at a game that I have no guarantees that I will be able to play. Intermittent connection or no--Sim City must and should have an offline mode as well as saving/loading at will features. I feel sorry for the developers who I'm sure have made an otherwise amazing game but are forced into these ridiculous requirements by those higher up. I wish I could support your work, devs, I really do. But unless you can change this online/DRM thing, my mind as a customer is already made up.

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That can't have been accidental, I have never seen a link pop up as "now leaving facebook" like this before.

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Was the father killed, though? Title only says "shot."

EDIT: The article says the father died, so I'm an idiot.

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Is your name why is used to be called Justin.tv? And if so... why did the other partner not get some dibs on part of the name?