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carlosreynolds19 karma

Hoo boy. You’re gonna be pissed when you find out it’s north of $AU47 billion per year.

carlosreynolds7 karma

Keen to hear from Adam, but there’s some info here:

www.greensmps.org.au/tags/federal-icac www.greens.org.au/platform/democracy

carlosreynolds4 karma

Perhaps, but from where we sit in Australia with (a) getting heard on issues (b) getting action on issues, the quarterly referendums in Switzerland look so good.

I think something like what Jacqui Lambie has done would make politics more inclusive.

Not sure how the Murdoch effect would play into it though. Or populism.

PS. It’s not that different to 100,000 people writing a letter to Jacqui.