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More questions popped into me head:

Roughly how many prompts are in Quiplash 2, and how many questions on Trivia Murder Party? Do the games keep track of which questions have been asked from game to game?

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Firstly, congratulations on releasing the best party game this year! I'm a huge fan of the previous games and have been waiting impatiently for JBPP3 release ever since it was announced. It's genius how accessible these games are to friends and family when we put them on. A couple of questions, if I may!

Question 1: How do you guys decide which games make the cut -I'm presuming you had other games that you were toying with ideas and trying out?

Question 2: You've mentioned a few times in various places (twitter, steam forums) that You Don't Know Jack will be returning. Can you give us any more info on this? It's a very popular game!


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Even though JBPP3 has just been released, are you guys already working on the next game/pack/project?