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That is SO helpful and a weight off my labia, thank you!

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Hi Sophia! I married young and just got a divorce, and am getting back into the dating game.

Weirdly, I'm fixated on what the fuck I'm supposed to do with my pubic hair. My ex was chill and I tried a couple different grooming options, nothing really clicked.

So what do people out there expect when it comes to women's body hair? Am I supposed to ask a potential partner AHEAD OF TIME? How would that even work? Is there some sort of unsaid standing etiquette I'm unaware of? I'm terrified of getting into bed with somebody and they're just like..... wtf.

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I've heard this before. What specifically would you classify as a jungle?

I'm taking notes

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What would classify as a mouthful? I figure stubby little hairs would be scratchy and uncomfortable, so a length of hair that's a comfortable medium?

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Where should medical professionals who suspect their colleagues of intentionally murdering or harming patients go? Have you found that the hospitals and/or administration protect these individuals?

I listened to the Believed podcast about the Nassar story, and he was essentially able to bamboozle police authorities with medical knowledge to assure them he wasn't a predator. Seems like these doctors could just do the same thing if someone were to go to the police.