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Thank you for this thread. I am on day 14 of symptoms from a positive COVID test. I lost my ability to smell on day 3 and lost my ability to taste that same day. I have recovered about 80% of my ability to taste, but my smell is only just now beginning to return.

I have taken to smell training, however smelling essential oils has given me a nasty headache. I was able to distinguish between smells and they were not distorted as some have experienced. The smell was weak and I needed it to be quite close to my nose to smell, but it was there.

Is the headache a good sign that I will recover my ability to smell in full? Or my ability to taste? I do not want to develop the metallic or distorted rotten smell/taste, but is there anyway to know if that will occur? And finally, why does distortion of smell and taste occur?

careerdestroyer3711 karma

I don't know if my sense of smell is back to 80%, just sense of taste. I know they are interconnected so I'm hoping that your response provides some semblance of a full recovery for me since my taste is near normal.

I downloaded your app so that I can contribute to your research to help others like myself.