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Did you ever expect it to take off in popularity the way it did?

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Longtime fan here. You are one of my greatest musical influences, the bass line on By the Way really blew my mind the first time I heard it, I never realized bass like that was an option. As a bass player, what are some sources you would recommend to really push my understanding of the instrument?

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I feel I'm not the only one who wants to know, but what was the process of choosing what is and isn't canon? And why did so much have to lose its place in the expanded universe?

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My dad and I share a garage shop. What's the best thing I could get him in terms of wood working that won't be a massive hassle to get in the door, but would also be immensely practical? I've considered new sanders, nice chisel sets, even a good sharpening system, but what do you think?

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Thanks for being here today! My dad and I have listened to you for years and years. I lean more moderate while he leans so far to the right he's almost falling of the chart. One of our most hotly debated topics is the legalization of marijuana. He believes that medical is long overdue, but recreational is a no go. I believe recreational and medical should be fine as long as it is monitored and has some kind of board governing it, the same way alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceuticals are. Where do you stand, both from a moral and ethical standpoint and an economic standpoint?