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I agree with you on this. Republicans are really good at lowering taxes. Not so good at reducing spending that HAS to accompany any tax reduction. At least Democrats want to tax for SOME of their spending. But even they fall way short on how much.

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It is called regulatory capture. The big players like regulations because they keep the smaller guys out of the market place. Because they have the money to deal with the regulations. And they can also get special favors or special taxes that they lobby for.

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If Gary Johnson gets to 10 million. Secret Service protection is available to him. Would you recommend he turn it down on principle or take it?

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With twins, you have an almost perfect control group that would be impossible otherwise.

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Alan Greenspan was certain Wall Street could self regulate, until it didn't and we nearly fell into a $500 trillion global meltdown and government HAD to step in to keep humongous banks from failing... And then, finally, from the safety of his retirement, Greenspan basically said oops, my bad, deregulation, that thing I kept parroting was the best thing since sliced bread and absolutely necessary for growth, was actually complete clusterfuck.

You had 12 people in a room(federal reserve) deciding what the price of money should be(interest rates) and government telling banks they needed to lend to the lowest credit scores and then saying send the loans to us with taxpayer backing (fannie and freddie) and we will cover them in a loss. Or Barney Frank saying that fannie and freddie had "no implicit guarantee" in 2003 and was the first to want to bail them out when things went bad. And don't forget the "Greenspan Put" that was well known that if you got into trouble as a big bank, Greenspan would bail you out. That the deregulation you talking about?