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How can you say it's "passing the test" when the President threatens to jail political opponents and blatantly attempts to obstruct justice almost daily and the Majority party refuses to grow a pair and stand up for what's right?

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OP- were you part of a clinical trial? It sounds like you were--maybe contact the PI/team/patient advocate at the site that did the transplant, they may be able to help. Do you still have the informed consent document that you were given? If not, get a copy from the transplant center it may have some information vis a vie rejection and payment of medical costs resulting from rejection.

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I work in medical research, particularly in the field of non-malignat blood disorders (sickle cell, thalassemia etc) and am quite interested in this AMA. So I apologize in advance for the onslaught of questions below:

Have you participated in clinical trials associated with sickle cell? Would you be interested in doing so?

Do you have readily available access to primary physicians for medical care or do you primarily rely on ER/triage care when you have pain crises/ACS?

Edited to ask: Have you considered gene therapy/transplant?

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There are a lot of very unfair things about sickle cell disease.

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Are you taking hydroxyurea? If so, has it helped? If no, why not?