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As a theatre employee, not a chance that we care. Just throw your trash out at the end. I've brought Moe's in, and a beer now and then. Now, if you get trashed and puke everywhere, we will call the cops (has happened before), and that's not pretty. But really, just clean up your stuff and hide it on the way in. No one is going to check your bag, and if they do, they're not looking for food, they're looking for weapons.

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Nope. There's always a manager/concessionist hanging around until all the people are out of the building. They just have closing stuff to do, so they're not usually hanging out in the lobby. Most of the time, closers get out at about 3 or 4.

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At least twice. A couple times they weren't empty.

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We do stop them, but don't usually kick them out. It's mostly their embarrassment that kills the mood.

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Holy butts man. I'd clean up all the popcorn in the world for $23/hr.