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Hey Mikel!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this AMA! I’ve been a fan since the first album dropped on iTunes way back in the day, been to shows all up and down the West Coast (shout out Ace of Spades!), and even have a tattoo of Steven’s bird on my wrist. Love the band, love the book, always stoked on whatever you’re creating.

My first question is a two-parter: you clearly read a lot of books; do you have any favorite graphic novels? And would you ever write one?

My second question is something I wanted to ask you at the San Diego show in April: could you unblock me on Twitter? Some asshole compared you to Trump on there a few years ago, and I sarcastically replied “well i guess we all have a little trump in us” because they were being RIDICULOUS, and you blocked us both. I miss your liberal ass Twitter feed so much. My username there is @capnhayden.

Thanks again. Can’t wait to see/read/hear what you put out next.

capnhayden4 karma

I thought I read on the website years ago that it was Steven’s bird! Whose bird is it??

Thank you for the recommendations (LOVE Maus), and thanks for allowing me to retweet all your glorious shit!

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heck yes, one time i saw them there, Mikel jumped up on the speaker and sang from up top. it was super dangerous and super rock and roll.

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i don’t know, all i remember was being floored by how badass it was haha

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oh i’ve seen them. the man is everything a rock and roller should be, and i LOVE it.