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I'm going to start leaving snacks and water like they're Santa because most Amazon drivers don't make it to my door 😂

Unfortunately, Amazon.ca carries a lot of things I can't get locally or cheaply. Like Magic Bullet replacement blades or Kester solder that has flux.

I have severe depression and I live alone, so there are times where I can only do the bare minimum like get fresh groceries.

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It's also something like another male might have better genetics but your long term partner is a much better parent.

Edit: /u/1CEninja has the answer below. Just wanted to clarify that I was talking about non-human animals who have this behaviour. Humans are a bit more complicated than that because of our complex society.

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He should also try more non-sexual affection. The goal should never be sex but affection and showing your partner that they are desired and wanted. Even if it's as simple as doing the dishes or drawing a bath.

Sounds like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Let your partner share the responsibility!

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There are a couple of lazy ones who don't read the delivery instructions (it's in my address cuz the system is stupid) but I really appreciate the ones who put in the extra effort of making sure my packages arrive securely!

And I agree! If postal workers are essential, so are Amazon drivers and warehouse workers. Especially when we should be staying home as much as possible.

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I don't think J&A are in M5 anymore. Pretty sure Jaimie kicked out Mythbusters cuz they are "terrible tenants". Or at least that's what I gathered from last week's ep "Location, Location, Location".