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Thank you for your IAMA.

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You are very lucky. By the way, a "radiologist" is an MD who reads the scan. A radiology tech is the person who performs the scan.

By the way, Americans think that you can get all the health care you want in Australia for free. Thank you for disabusing them of that notion.

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The enemy here is not European or Asian invaders. It's Muslims slaughtering other Muslims in the name of Allah. That's why the World is so weary of the situation. I no longer see a reason why American, European or Asians should get blown apart by IED's to keep muslims from killing their neighbors and countrymen.

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you should upgrade yourself a bit so that you attract a better class of deviant.

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The states are not refusing funding. They are "opting" to have the federal govt set up and run their insurance exchanges and turning down sn increase in Medicaid funding intended to offset the cost of the exchanges.