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My mom wanted too my dad was too emotionally attached and i Fucking hate it

Due to my dad being emotionally attached he always says stuff about how Syria one day will be great and everything will be fine

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Propaganda is totally common here he once faked going to mosque on eid and the tv aired a previous recording as " live" first year theyhe tried it he was caught because someone spotted many watches declarating the wrong time Next year they removed all watches from the "live air"

TL'DR: I would lose my virginity before something like that happens

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Well that's a good question

From my experience i think most teens i meet are working, not very cultured, have the spirit of acceptance towards eachother, are down rated by adults (boomer), very masculine/feminist in a bad way like believe that boys don't cry and that sort of crap..

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No besides the bad economy the educational system also sucks like for an instant if you want to buy a doctor you will literally hav to get a perfect mark in every field (biology, math, physics, chemistry, politics, french, English, ..etc) it's fucked up and very hare the outcome isn't that rewarding too

It has given mw alot of anxiety, knowing that somehow i am doomed to this circumstances and people outside syria don't really have to go through this many processes to get their preferred feal, I can't help but feeling discouraged and depressed

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you sir just asked a very good question

In syria there's this whole religious thing that's going on everywhere People, because syria is basically a religious nation, I hate it

Because of it girls and boys are discriminated against eachother, living olin your parents house until around 30-25 is the norm

So I really don't get to have the parties the girls the drugs or any of the 17 year old experience a boy go through

So really my advice for you is to appreciate every little thing you have, you know i would kill for it..