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How will you explain your experience to your children or answer questions when they inevitably discover your past?

Do you ever lie in bed and think about all the bad things?

I ask only because I’ve experienced abuse and neglect in my life and even after successfully sorting through my trauma via therapy, it remains a part of me and a significant part of my past. I feel like it takes up a lot of space in my mind.

Does that eventually go away?

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The guy had a knife in his pocket. I'd bet dollars to donuts he planned to stab the bully as soon as an altercation began.

As a teacher, I would be scared to have this guy back in my class and definitely wouldn't have supported a decision to allow him to walk at graduation or attend prom.

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Sure, but it sounds like the stabbing retaliation was premeditated.

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Can you give some examples of prompts that help people close the current year and plan for the next?

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I'm not saying OP wasn't defending himself, just that he knew full well-- and so did his friend-- that he was going to stab the guy as soon as some type of interaction began.

What other reason do you have for keeping a weapon in your pocket at school? And I don't care if it's WV; I grew up in TX and all of us, including the asshole rednecks, knew that weapons at school were prohibited.