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I'm sorry, but I sat here & read your whole AMA & I am nothing but disappointed, Matisyahu. A lot of your fans & people who are truly inspired by you took the time to write out huge comments & ask you some really great questions about your faith, your music, your background, etc---& you pretty much chose to ignore them all & respond with the bare minimum (seriously, 4 or 5 words at best on most of these comments) that you could while pimping your album that dropped today. I get it. I get PR & doing things based on profit & the fact that it's a great moment to "talk to the fans" & get your album noticed more on its release day, but this is nasty, man. One of your fans even talked about how her father kidnapped her & how one of your songs helped her through that time, & nothing. It was not commented after you left for the day, or in between piss breaks--you answered two other comments within the same minute as her comment, yet you couldn't even say thank you or ask how she was doing?

If you're going to do an AMA, at least understand what you're signing up for. I lost a lot of respect for you today, & I know of at least six other top comments that have as well. I know that seven people with a bad taste in their mouths means very little compared to your large fan base, but if you would have just dropped your album today & not tried to pimp yourself out--you would have had the support of seven more people behind you.

Take this failed opportunity to learn something about yourself & your work.

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Yeah, I worked at the York PA location & they treated me like a mule--we def had work quotas, & we rotated a lot of temp agency help so we didn't have to hire actual workers & offer them packages, benefits, full time hours, etc. We would just terminate the temp contracts every 3-6 months when they came up for possible hire or not. Let them go, hire a new batch, teach them the ropes, let them go in a few months, repeat.

Although, I'm glad this dude is having a great experience with Starbucks! Everyone should work at a place where they are appreciated & valued, to say the least!

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I have never been on a cruise, in fact I am terrified at the idea of being at sea & constantly new places & being stuck on a ship with all the same people, etc...but I would like to get over that irrational fear & try a cruise out. ANYWHO, my question is; Is stealing/break ins a big thing on the ship? Do you have a lot of incident reports or what do you do with people who don't follow the rules, is there a jail cell on the boat or how does this work? Also, anything to put my fears at rest? Not everything is the Titanic...right?

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Hey, I have a fitbit with a black size L band, I don't use it anymore as I upgraded fitness gear & I'm a manager at a hardware store so having something on my arm like a "bracelet" sometimes gets caught in machinery that could ruin my day/life (the key machine is one of them...ahhhh!), if you'd like to try it out, I will donate it to you? Depending on shipping, I might ask for a few dollars, but if it's pretty cheap to ship I don't mind at all, I'm from Seattle, WA. I assume you are in TX, yes? Just PM me & let me know! It's just collecting dust over here!

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lmfaooooo, which is all just a really fancy way of saying land fish.