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Forgive me if this sounds rude, but rather than beat around the bush...

Did you have to settle for a special-needs child because as a single man, you would not be approved for a "desirable" kid?

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I had a 30-ton (cooling capacity, not weight) scroll compressor overnighted from China to NJ for a building once. When having a building down costs a company several million dollars per day, shipping costs aren't really a sticking point.

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Settle down, Beavis.

Asking an elected official their position on a major and highly-divisive topic is fair game. It would have been a perfectly acceptable question if OP was christian or jewish or wiccan. In fact, I guarantee that any overtly christian official doing an AMA like this would absolutely receive the same treatment.

All OP has to say is "I fully support equality and the rights of LGBTQ people". If people then continue to badger him about how that doesn't jive with his religion, then maybe start getting bent out of shape about making an artificial us-vs-them situation.

There's only one correct answer to the question, and OP avoided it. That makes OP open to valid criticism, regardless of his religion.

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If they had released now with buggy software then they'd get a ton of flak.

Instead, they're just getting flak for lack of software.
Really dodged a bullet there.

Look, I love android. I bought a HTC G1 the day they were announced, and every phone since then has been android. It's great for a phone, but it's not anywhere near useful as a desktop OS.

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Google is already selling the keyboard/cover for the C separately. There's no reason they couldn't have done the same with an active pen (like MS does with the surface pen) and kept the same price point for the C itself.