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We have to keep making noise on this. The momentum has been incredible over the last year, but ESPECIALLY the last three weeks, since details of Pai's plan leaked. Now that the vote at the FCC has happened, Congress has a role in stepping in to overturn the FCC's bad vote. More details on that are here.

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The fight to get Congress to overturn the vote will be a short window...we will have 60 legislative days from when this order is published in the Federal Register. That will be about 5 or 6 months. The court battles will take longer and that timeline will be more clear in the coming weeks.

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Well, the Internet isn't exactly classified as a public utility now. Broadband access services are now classified under Title II of the Communications Act, which some people assume means utility because that's how landline telephone service regulated. But it's the same for cell phone voice service, and we don't really think of those as utilities at all, right?

Anyway, to answer the second part of your question, the move from the FCC yesterday put rules in place that prevent ISPs (Comcast, etc.) from blocking, throttling or engaging in "paid prioritization" (which is where you can pay to have your content delivered more quickly). It doesn't give the FCC any authority to censor content at all.

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Sign up for Free Press's mailing list...you can do that here and also send a message to your members of Congress about overturning the FCC vote at the same time! :)

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Great question! This is definitely a global concern -- check out these statements of support for NN from across the world.

There are some links above in the text, but donating to the groups engaged in this fight always helps. And you can also join Team Internet and help us by texting folks on the ground in states where we will need to move members of Congress.