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Yes, they did. My first surgeon removed my right inner labia and then sort of fused/stitched the rest to my outer labia, so I really felt off-center for a long time. When I brought it up to him at my follow-up he seemed like an insulted artist and said I should be happy it wasnt ALL removed (he was a jackass).

Then I consulted a gender-reassignment surgeon (hey, if he can make a vagina or a penis out of nothing, surely he can fix this!) and he said it would be a simple outpatient procedure. But I had to be cancer-free first. I considered it, but I wasnt too keen to go under the knife anytime soon. Then I went for a Brazilian wax and figured in her 10+ years of practicing, surely the owner has seen a lot of pussy. She said "every flower is different" and assured me if I hadn't told her what had happened, she wouldnt have known.

TL;DR: I probably won't. Tired of surgery and knives.

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Due to the radiation now (two days left - woot!), I am unable to have sex. It would be extremely painful. The skin on my bikini area is burned and peeling, and my vulva and vagina is, well, mincemeat. There are open wounds in my vulva and god, it hurts to pee. If ever I wanted a penis of my very own, its now. Its like peeing razor blades and if urine touches the nearby skin anywhere, it sends me through the roof. I use a bottle of water to rinse off but that is also initially painful. Im on vicodin because the pain is so intense and that really doesnt help much, except to take the edge off.

Ive been told this will all go away a few weeks after radiation. Im looking forward to it!!

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As someone who has gone through chemo + radiation (I did an AMA a long time ago), I can't upvote this enough. Everyone wanted to talk about the illness and I was so relieved to hear my friend bitch about the commute, their lunch and work. Thanks for the AMA and I wish you the best.

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Thank you, Lord.

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I was scared and quite frankly, absolutely livid. I had been in a loveless and sexless marriage and filed for divorce a few months prior but it wasnt final yet. I was pissed that I was going to potentially lose my sex organs while all this time I hadn't been using them.

Not sure if that puts me in this group or not.